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Surrounding areas – from beaches and boats to castles and cities, there’s plenty to explore.


Roman River Valley & Needle Eye Woods

Roman River Valley & Needle Eye Woods, quite literally on the doorstep. A magical little forest, steeped in a wide diversity of wildlife and woodland. A designated nature reserve, running through it you will find the roman river.

Needle eye woods are truly ancient and diverse, the old road to London once ran past the cabin and through these woods, you can almost feel the spirit of the old highway men.
Each season brings something different; bluebells and dragonfly’s, badgers &
toadstools. At nighttime the woods come alive with the howls and cries of its inhabitants, and with less than a mile as the crow flies to the zoo, you can often hear the lion too!

Mersea Island

Mersea Island is a famed for its pretty beach huts and its oysters. Mersea boating lake offers a plethora of water sports, cold water sunset swims, boating and paddle boarding.
There are many different pubs and restaurants on Mersea Island.
Just be sure to check the tide times!


Britain’s oldest recorded town and one of the newest cities, famous for Queen Boudica and her attack on the Romans. Parts of the Roman City Walls built following the attack still stand in places.
Colchester has everything you would expect from a town, with high street shops and many bars and restaurants.

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